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Hybrid Racing


Hybrid Racing LIMITED EDITION Maxim Shift Knob (M10x1.5)

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  • One-piece billet Aluminum
  • M10x1.5 thread
  • 162g weight
  • 70mm tall | 46mm wide
  • Three custom designs
  • Limited Edition etching
Purple Craze

    Black Friday 2022 is here! Last year we created a set of custom shift knobs and since they were so popular, we decided to offer a batch that anyone could enjoy! Each design is limited to just 30 pieces! 

    We have three unique designs for this year:

    Inspired by the Golden-Era fashion colors, our Retro knob features purple, teal, gold, green and blue splashes!

    Dark with a black base, this custom knob features splotches of purple and splashes of bright blue. 

    A gold-to-red splash fade design set over a black base gives this knob a remarkable amount of contrast and style. 

    As with any custom product - NOT ALL FINISHES ARE THE SAME - the patterns vary. 

    Grabbing the gear lever in your car is awesome, except when your knob isn't comfortable. We wanted to develop a knob that was lightweight, great looking, and fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. After countless designs and 3d prints later, we chose the overall shape based on the best ergonomic design from all of the concepts we developed.

    The Maxim Shift knob is machined from a solid 6061 aluminum billet round bar in a four-axis lathe. We then treat the surface with a proprietary sandblasting media to get a perfect surface finish. Next, it is treated to a 3 step anodizing process. Finally, we laser etch the fitment size and logos with a YAG laser that evaporates the dye from the anodize resulting in a crisp white logo that is subtly placed on the knob so not to detract from the fantastic finish. All of this combined results in an incredible fit and finish that is a joy to look at while maintaining the strength necessary for spirited driving.

  • Fits:
    • YMM
    • YMM
    • YMM
    • x1 Anodized Aluminum shift knob
    • Hybrid Racing packaging