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Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap AC & PS Removal Kit

If you're looking to gain some power by removing your car's AC and power steering, but don't want to lose the reliability and convenience of the factory belt tensioner, this is the kit for you. Once the kit is installed and all of the bolts are torqued to spec, the tensioner will hold everything in place as the belt wears in. No need for constant adjustment!This kit moves the alternator to the AC compressor's original location and features a spring-loaded, adjustable tensioning unit. The tensioner is designed to be able to be adjusted for belts within a 2" range meaning you have more options when you need a replacement belt. The tensioner has a tension indicator built in to help you ensure your belt is properly tensioned.Follow the installation guide to ensure that you use the correct settings for your specific motor combination.Works with:All K20A & Z generation enginesAll K24A generation enginesDesigned and manufactured in the USA by Hybrid Racing.