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1320 Performance Stainless Steel K-Series Swap Header

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  1. CNC'd 3/8" thick flange
  2. "Long tube design" (4-2-2-1)
  3. High-flow merge collector
  4. True 2.5" flange (uses 2.5inch donut gasket)
  5. Two o2 sensor bungs 
  6. Includes exhaust gasket & donut gasket
  7. Slip fit construction with retention springs
  8. Made from 304 Stainless Steel 

  • Description
  • Vehicle Fitment

  • This header delivers low to mid-range power by increasing back pressure improving low-end torque and acceleration for street-driven vehicles.

    Equal length primary piping and cylinder matching ensures the best performance for your daily driver. 18g 304 Stainless steel & tig welded construction for durability. 

    This is a great alternative to a custom-built header and was designed to be suitable for most stock K-Series engines. Consider gains of 15-20hp over a stock or conventional style manifold. 

    These headers are designed fit cars using a K20 engine with Hasport engine mounts but also work with Innovative Mounts in the EG/DC & EK using the EG/DC subframe. It does fit using the K24 engine, however, we do not suggest using a K-swap shifter (or a shifter mounted under the car) as the exhaust flange will be too close. K24 swapped cars should run the shifter on the inside of the car. 

    This header DOES NOT FIT THE 88-91 CIVIC or 89-93 DA INTEGRA. 

  • For K-Swap Vehicles, Does not work with DA or EF Civic